On-Site Deployments

Make procurement to realization a smooth process

Nothing is more frustrating that being unpleasantly surprised when a big IT delivery arrives. With us, you can order equipment with confidence—and know it will work for you.

Simply put, if it’s on the market, we know how to deploy and integrate it. Since 1992, we’ve installed over 725,000 desktop computers, laptops and notebooks, interactive whiteboards and other A/V equipment, peripherals, and more. Because we’re vendor agnostic, we’ve worked with a huge array of manufacturers’ products. As a result, we’ve developed vast knowledge and expertise and maintained specific technical certifications to ensure we’re absolutely current on what we’re installing. We also are deeply experienced in working with both wired and wireless infrastructure and on security best practices, so that we bring the big picture to every on-site deployment.

To engineer a smooth on-site deployment process for you, we listen carefully to understand your needs, and create a deployment schedule, a scope of service, and overall plan. The result is your satisfaction in how your devices function and your confidence that your purchase will deliver on your goals.