Is your anti-virus software up to date?

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Recent events have reminded computer users that viruses and other malware are alive and well.

A hospital in California had their patient records attacked by a type of malware called Ransomware. As its name implies, this virus encrypts your data and then notifies you that for a “fee” you can get the files un-encrypted.

In this case, the Hospital was able to pay the ransom to restore operations of their computer network, but the fact that this type of attack works will certainly drive up the ransom request amounts in the future.

Another recent ransomware attack has also targeted Mac computers, many of whom have felt relatively safe from the viruses due to the fact that other types of computers were targeted more often. With the rise in popularity of the Macs, viruses and malware are becoming more prevalent in targeting these users as well.

With these attacks in mind, it is always important to have anti-virus software installed on any system that you use be it Windows, Mac or others. We recommend contacting your local Help Desk, if applicable, first to determine the overall Enterprise level virus protection, then possibly adding your own local security software as an added layer of protection.  

Either way, KBS encourages our customers to find a solution that works best for them and remember to always keep it up to date.

Here is a link to a recent Wikipedia overview of Ransomware.

What are you doing to protect your systems from viruses and malware? What is working for you?