Does your schools student-to-computer ratio add up to better grades?

young businessman holding placard with stock charts

Does your school have a lot of desktop, notebook and even tablet computing devices? Are your classrooms outfitted with interactive whiteboards and lots of other gadgets?  If so, are you seeing a significant increase in test scores and grades? 

You may be surprised that there is not necessarily a correlation between the number of computers you have in your school and student achievement.

Many educators across the country agree that if a school simply buys the latest and greatest tech products, they will probably never achieve the ultimate goal, which is to provide a better education for the students. 

After speaking with many of our customers, our team here at KBS found out that there are some basic core essentials needed to correctly integrate technology into your classroom environment.  They are:

  1. Determine your educational goals first.
  1. Decide which instructional software / applications can best help you achieve those goals.
  1. Determine what technology hardware is required to make your equipment work properly.
  1. Purchase, correctly deploy and implement a robust support program for the installed equipment.
  1. Begin and maintain an aggressive Professional Development plan for teachers and staff.
  1. Continue to work with your Principal to support and encourage staff to utilize the technology tools you have.

To learn more about best practices around technology deployment and professional development, give one of our technology specialists a quick ring. If it’s during school hours, someone will pick up right away: 708-720-5981