Are budget cutbacks making it impossible to replace or update your school’s technology? If so, do this


It’s no secret that K-12 schools and even Higher-Education institutions are really suffering financially.  Larger class sizes, less per pupil funding and employment fears are pervasive throughout the nation.  On top of all of these factors is the desire and commitment by our teachers to continue to educate their students.  Students still need lunch, books, technical tools and other things to have a consistent and well-equipped environment to learn in.

How do you protect your investment in technology during these times?  What if your budget does not allow you to replace computing devices right now? 

Here are a few things to keep in mind that may be helpful:

  • Periodic cleaning of computing devices may keep sensitive components functioning. Use a microfiber or sift cloth to ensure the display and any power or adapter ports are clean.
  • Sometimes tablet screens may not be damaged if the touch sensor is not responding correctly. Some touch screen devices may allow you to “Calibrate” them which may resolve many touchscreen detection issues.
  • On desktop and notebook computing devices – if files are stored on local hard drives, it will help to periodically delete old files and projects after moving them to a cloud-based storage location. Although these files may be important, they may be using valuable device resources such as memory while sitting on your drives. Your device may perform better by having more memory available.
  • If you notice your wireless devices performing slower than usual, it may be your wireless infrastructure, not the device, that is causing the issue. Have a tech support person troubleshoot the problem.
  • Too many “Apps” or software installed on the hard drive of any computer can make it perform in a very sluggish manner.Remove software you haven’t used recently and consider using cloud-based applications.
  • Shields. Secure system concept
    Shields. Secure system concept
    New software, old hardware is not a good technology environment. Don’t immediately install the latest software updates on hundreds of computers at once until you know it works on a test batch before hand. Check with your district’s technology support team before applying major software updates to get an understanding of how it will impact the overall IT environment.
  • Keep your anti-virus, Spyware and Malware software up to date. Any of these intrusions can render one or all of your computing devices useless.

So What does your team do to keep your school’s devices working so that there are no technology-related interruptions for the students during the school year?

To learn more about best practices around technology support, contact KBS at 708-720-5981 x160 and ask for Erica.