Professional Development

Your school has invested in technology products and solutions, now what?

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Believe it or not, it is not uncommon for us to go into a school that has brand new computers, still in their original boxes, sitting in storage closets, behind the curtains in the auditoriums and even in the school vault.Why? Because no one on staff knew how to integrate them into the learning environment and unfortunately their sales person’s main goal was to ship the box with now concern about training on how to best use the equipment.

This “figure it out on your own” approach is does not work.   That’s why KBS began providing “Skills-Transfer” sessions to the classroom teachers so they could know exactly how to use the equipment we recommend and install.

At KBS, we realized the need for this service was so great that we decided to put a full-blown Professional Development team in place.  This team of pros (many of whom are educators themselves) travels the country educating educators. They are caring and knowledgeable professionals who truly understand how technology can supplement and enhance standard teaching methods.

“Our professional development workshops are customized to meet the needs of your school’s teachers and the technology tools they use.”


Education is becoming more and more dependent upon tablets, white boards and other interactive technology tools.  Teachers should have a full working knowledge of the devices and digital media being used in classrooms globally. Let KBS provide the Professional Development your school needs as it relates to today’s best technology.