Global View

KBS has developed a revolutionary application called GlobalView which allows us to support and maintain our customers’ technology equipment unlike any of our competitors.

Global ViewJust like it’s name suggests, this powerful app gives us a 24/7, global overview of the following:

  • Your school’s purchasing history
  • Your school’s installed equipment list
  • Your school’s infrastructure blueprint
  • Your school’s equipment repair history
  • Your school’s asset data
  • The shipping records of your school’s equipment
  • Your school’s technology user lists for assigned equipment and much, much more.

Because this information allows us to serve you better, KBS utilizes GlobalView for ALL service engagements.

So how does GlobalView benefit YOU? It lets you:

  • Accurately track various hardware components, how they are being used and to whom they are assigned
  • Reduce operating costs by preventing the purchase of unnecessary software
  • Effectively prepare for and manage software compliance AND prepare for audits by State or District officials
  • Maximize the value of your aging assets by tracking repair history details
  • Forecast your future hardware needs
  • Provide accurate reports and charts within moments

With KBS’ GlobalView there are no more guessing games about your IT assets. You will know where they are, where they’ve been and where they are going.