Professional Development

Your school has invested in technology products and solutions, now what? NEW Since 1991, we’ve encountered schools that had new computers still in their original boxes, sitting in storage closets, behind the curtains in the auditoriums and even in the school vault. Why? Because they were not sure of how to integrate them into the learning environment. Remember, a sales person wants to “push” as many “boxes” as possible without concern about what happens to them after they are delivered. If you don’t believe it, call your last sales rep and there’s a 90% chance they don’t even work for the company anymore. Maybe that model works in the corporate arena, but not in education. This “figure it out on your own” approach is antiquated. KBS began providing “Skills-Transfer” sessions years ago to the classroom teachers that would be the users of the products we were deploying. This was a short 30-minute session to provide a quick overview on the functionality of the new equipment. Schools wanted more. Now, KBS has a full-blown Professional Development team that travels throughout the country educating educators. KBS has built a cadre of current and former educators who provide our schools with someone who has a personal understanding of how technology can supplement and enhance standard teaching methods.


Professional Development as it relates to technology has become even more important in the past several years due to the many 1-to-1 initiatives and the complexity of managing large amounts of IT products in schools.

Who better to work with teachers, than teachers?

Our Methodology

  • We begin by obtaining an intimate knowledge of your environment, its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and overall goals.
  • We work to determine the various levels of current proficiency (beginner, intermediate and advanced)
  • Next we work with you to create an education plan that moves everyone, no matter what their proficiency level was, to an even higher level of understanding
  • As new technology is acquired by your school, we can customize development sessions to address those needs as well

With the development and integration of comprehensive assessment systems that are aimed at measuring student performance and the development of e-textbooks, digital media, and other teaching materials that are computer and web-based, teachers will spend more time using computing devices. Having a full working knowledge of the devices, digital media and bringing online content into their classroom will continue to be a very important part of the process of educating our youth. Let KBS provide the Professional Development your school needs as it relates to technology.