Deployment and Integration Services

deploymentSchool Districts acquire lots of technology products each year. We know from personal conversations with members of school boards, Superintendents, tech teams and teachers that their mission is focused on educating students. When a school buys new technology, they are really depending on consultants to help them make the best decision about what to buy. Once the decision is made, the schools rely heavily on the vendors to deliver, install and support the new products. Unlike corporations, schools have limited budgets and limited technical resources to accommodate large scale and even some smaller scale projects. Many schools have no technical teams at all. This is where the stress begins. Do schools simply shy away from bringing in the technology tools that can help them achieve their educational goals or do they look to companies like KBS to help them manage the deployment and integration of technology solutions?

KBS has deployed new technology products into schools since 1991. There is an art to service and we have mastered it. Whether it’s a small school installing a lab of computers or a very large school district deploying nearly 17,000 tablets within a few weeks, KBS has successfully completed the projects.

KBS has deployed more than 620,000 computing devices in more than 1,300 schools, and counting. We’ve also installed tens of thousands of printers, AV systems such as projectors and sound systems, Interactive White Boards (IWB) and more.

KBS and our certified solution specialists are ready to assist you with every phase of choosing and leveraging the right solution for your school. Our approach includes:

  • An initial discovery session to understand the goals, requirements and budget of the school
  • A review of your existing infrastructure and network to accurately define the project requirements
  • Thorough manufacturer evaluations, recommendations and comparisons of best practices from similar deployment engagements

Anatomy of a Successful Deployment

  • KBS receives our customer’s orders at our climate-controlled configuration center
  • We consolidate shipments from various manufacturers into bundled palletized orders
  • Our technicians and engineers create, install and test custom images for computing devices
  • We install standard or RFID asset tags on all equipment, per our customer’s direction
  • We enroll and configure devices in a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system
  • We enter all pertinent asset data into KBS’ proprietary system named GlobalView
  • We install and configure unique profiles for tablet devices
  • Our technicians install custom 3rd party software, if provided by the customer
  • Orders go through KBS’ quality control and quality assurance process to ensure they are configured, repacked, labeled and staged for delivery accurately
  • KBS can bundle orders according to our customer’s needs. We can break orders down by school, by classroom and have the equipment delivered on the day of your choice.
  • Our customers are provided with an electronic copy of asset information for their internal reporting needs

KBS also provides the on-site deployment of the units into classrooms. If your school has mobile security or sync carts, we can install the new devices into them. We also ensure the newly installed devices connect to the school’s network. When our technicians leave your school, students and staff can start using the solution same day.

Why choose KBS for imaging and deployment:

  • We always deliver your projects within budget
  • We save our customers time, frustration and money
  • We provide a dedicated project management team to take care of all your needs and concerns
  • We take care of the technology so you can focus on educating our future leaders, your students