KBS provides a strategic sourcing solution for enterprise customers who have a requirement or desire to procure Information Technology products from a diverse company. KBS has maintained various diversity certifications for the past 22 years, including but not limited to the following:
  • City of Chicago
  • County of Cook
  • State of Illinois
  • State of Pennsylvania
  • Pennsylvania Gaming Board
  • National Minority Supplier Development Council
  • and many more...
Often customers contact KBS for certification from other geographical areas and based on the details of the engagement, we can obtain a reciprocal certification within days.


IT Product Offerings

KBS has developed a very streamlined and automated procurement process for our customers. We can source nearly every IT product and software application our customers require, through our network of distribution partners.

Funding and financing

These are two of the common elements that make up the relationship we have with our customers. KBS can provide Net terms that other diverse companies may not be able to. We can also service small to very large orders as well.

Timely and Responsive

Yes we are.