About Us
KBS has a dedicated team for Enterprise customers such as Corporations and Government agencies. Our Enterprise Division was born from a growing demand by our customers to procure hardware and software products through a diverse company such as KBS. Our status as a diverse company is not the only reason our customers order from us; it's simply one of many tools we have to help our customers achieve their goals.

KBS is a privately held company and has been under the guidance of our current ownership since 1992. We have experienced consistent and manageable growth in size and product offerings organically. This means we have invested heavily in our team member's continuing education, technology tools that increase efficiency and our steady and mutually beneficial customer relationships.

Our goal is to continue to work closely with our customers to tailor solutions that meet their requirements. Technology continually evolves and so do our customer's needs. They depend on KBS to grow with them.

Brief Overview

  • KBS was formed in 1992
  • Our Headquarters is located in Illinois, just off the I94 / I80 expressways that connect the United States
  • We are a national distribution channel partner for several major IT product providers
  • We service eight (8) of the top 100 Corporations in the United States
  • We hold Local, State and National Minority Business Enterprise Certifications